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Mackenzie Baker

Mackenzie Baker

A note from Mackenzie

Mackenzie is a sports nutritionist at Fortitude Nutrition Coaching, working 100% online with an array of different clients from high-level athletes to clients seeking health-seeking habit building and diet autonomy. He is an accredited Sports Nutritionist, and is finishing up a Masters in Sport and Exercise Nutrition.

Mackenzie is also a huge advocate of bespoke client-centered approaches that often deviates from “traditional” macro tracking, with a huge emphasis on feasibility. It starts with identifying and collaboratively considering the client’s deeper values, preferences, priorities, and what exactly they’re seeking from coaching. This root intention ultimately boils down to enhancing the client’s life through the “life-enhancing gift” that is, nutrition.

You can find more from Mackenzie on Instagram @Mackenziebaker_ OR @fortitudenutritioncoaching and via the Macabolic Podcast on your preferred podcast platform.