Mindy Foster

Mindy Foster

A note from Mindy

Mindy Foster is from Wollongong N.S.W. At 23 Mindy became a fully qualified Personal Trainer. Mindy was a PT at Good Life Robina for 4 years and that’s where she fell in love with Bodybuilding. In those 4 years she competed in 3 INBA fitness modelling shows where I went on to place top three in all of them.

From there Mindy moved to Darwin, this is where she opened up Darwin’s first health food café and food prep business which she called ‘Karma Café and Fitness’. Having this café Mindy was able to tie in her Personal Training experience in with helping people still achieve their goals through diet.

With her hands heavily full she still managed to do another INBA fitness modeling show and take out MS fitness NT. From there on she went over to WBFF where she took part in two fitness shows and placed 3rd and 2nd.

Mindy believes the human body is only limited by the mind that controls it. Overcoming obstacles and breaking through those mental barriers is what stimulates growth both physically and spiritually.

Mindy is now currently a personal trainer online working with men and woman all over the world!