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Nicholas Andriessen

Nicholas Andriessen

A note from Nicholas

Nic as a passionate fitness professional with16 years industry experience and over 10k hours face to face Personal Training hours completed. Nic is currently Studying his Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Sciences degree to take his coaching to the next level. Nic grew up in Newcastle NSW and learnt from a young age the importance of physical fitness as a way to progress in his chosen sport, Rugby League. Nic was always one of the tallest kids in his age group and regularly selected to move up in age to fill in for the older teams.

This is how he first found the gym with his first gym membership being at Genetics Warners Bay when he was 12years old, Nic has been Training regularly ever since. At the age of 19 after leaving the Newcastle Knights Rugby League team to pursue a contract in the QLD cup with Souths Logan Nic completed his Certificates 3 & 4 in 2006 at the Australian Institute of Fitness Brisbane Campus.

Shorlty after graduating in early 2007 Nic started working as a full time PT in Brisbane QLD before moving home to Newcastle to continue his PT business. In 2009 Nic moved to California USA and became a PT for 24hr Fitness where he achieved the milestone of 10k hours Face-to-Face Personal Training sessions completed and was recognised as PT of the year 2 consecutive years for the company. 

Nic is currently a PT at Anytime Fitness in Edgeworth NSW and is building a dedicated and driven community of Online Clients. Nic has a strong belief in the positive affects that physical fitness has on all other areas of our lives and strives to install this in his clients, Nic works not only on creating physical changes but then applying that mindset to achieve goals outside of the weight room also. 

Nic lives by the motto of “Never Peak” – meaning he strives for himself and his clients to become a better version of themselves every single day, to never stop striving for greatness and to lift everyone up in the process!