Nicole Hall

Nicole Hall

A note from Nicole

Meet Nicole! Nicole has a passion for helping women transform their lives and become their best, most confident selves with on going education, guidance & support to their fitness and wellness goals.

Based in Brisbane, Nicole is a qualified personal trainer and online coach with over 5 years experience. She is also a WBFF pro and 2018 Oxygen Magazine Covergirl!

Nicole prides herself in self-development and one-on-one care, so she can make a longstanding, positive impact on every single client she works with.

Nicole continues to further her education and pass on her knowledge to clients, she has attended a number of seminars such as Martin McDonald Nutrion tour, Bret Contreras Glute Seminar, & completed extra courses such as  Layne Norton’s “Science of Nutrition”, & “Training the Physique Athlete”