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Sebastian Gonzalez

Sebastian Gonzalez

A note from Sebastian

Hi guys, nice to meet you! My name is Sebastian. I am from Chile but currently living in Taiwan with my lovely wife Yalan and my 5 year old son, Lucas. Before moving to this beautiful island, I spent 6 years in Australia, where I first got to learn English and subsequently, completed my Bachelor of Business Administration. Since young, I have loved to lift weights with the purpose of building muscle; however, I never undertook formal education in this area until after I graduated from university in 2015. During that time, I decided I wanted to guide people with their training and diet to help them achieve their physique goals. 

So, I went for my CPT license, and soon after for a Bodybuilding Specialist certification.  A couple of years later, my wife and I started our YouTube channel called Kosmofit in Taiwan in which until today, we share training and nutrition related content to a mandarin-based audience. Also, during this very same time, I started to compete as a natural Men’s Physique competitor. I have participated in Musclemania, IFBB, and WNBF shows. In 2019, I was grateful to receive my WNBF pro card in Singapore when I took second overall.

Finally, during my pursuit to make my YouTube channel better and upscaling my coaching skills, I decided to keep studying to go after the Sports Nutritionist Certification with the ISSN (CISSN) and thereafter the Accredited Sports Nutritionist certification with the SNA  which I completed in 2021.