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Shannon Caldwell

Shannon Caldwell

A note from Shannon

Shannon started her Health and fitness journey just like everyone else, wanting to make a change. She suffered really bad body dysmorphia when she was younger. This was due to the lack of education she had access too. Instead her go to training method was running 7days a week, thinking it would make her “thin”.

At the age of 14years old she had a version. Shannon wanted to stop picking apart her body and start building it up. This is when she started shifting from cardio to strength training. Shannon was bullied all the way through primary and high school, therefore every lunchtime she spent in the gym as it was her ‘outlet’ and space to be able to express herself.

From this Shannon further educated herself on the human body and what it means to be healthy. This is where she developed a passion for health and fitness, which led to her being a coach. Shannon’s favorite part about being an in-person and Online coach is the connection and reward of helping someone transform their life.

Shannon competed in Bodybuilding 2x in 2019, placing 2nd in the majority of her categories, and 3rd in the Open class for ICN. Shannon has a passion for Bodybuilding and watching how you can manipulate and transform the mind and body through dieting. However her current goal
is to compete in Powerlifting for Australia.

Shannon currently works at PLC in Burleigh waters as a Group Trainer, as well as building her online business and community. Shannon’s biggest goal in life is to always do what you love, because that’s where success is formed.