Stacey Rogers

Stacey Rogers

A note from Stacey

People are puzzles of needs, wants, drives and insecurities. I see my role as an opportunity to find or even be the missing piece for you. I can provide you with the tools you need to succeed in your health and fitness journey, help guide and support you, and when needed, push you to reach new heights you never thought were possible.

As a coach, it is my goal to educate, motivate and inspire you to achieve the best version of yourself. Applying and sharing my knowledge to enable you to not only change your body and how you feel, but to impact your outlook on life and overall self-confidence is why I am a coach. I strive to create an environment where you can try, fail, and try again. An environment for learning, for questioning, and for reflecting. You define your own success. I am here to support, guide, and encourage. Ultimately as a coach, my goal is to have you succeed on your own. My coaching journey is a work in progress. It always will be…”

As a competitive strength athlete, my passion is helping you become a stronger individual, not only in the gym but throughout all aspects of your life. I believe physical strength translates to emotional and mental strength because it takes the last 2 to create the first one.

Your results are a product of your daily habits and efforts. Having the internal drive and desire to seek change is crucial to your progress. Working together with you I endeavour to create a plan specific to your goals, lifestyle and preferences while also overcoming any obstacles that may stand to challenge you.

Yes, it may get hard or uncomfortable, however this opportunity is a privilege. Not only do you have the physical ability to pursue your goals, you have access to the resources to help you get there. Something not all people have. I am committed and driven to see you succeed and will demand 110% of myself, going above and beyond, to make your goals a reality.

My Philosophy

As a coach, I exist to guide positive change and progression in my client’s lives. I want to be of value to my clients through the application of my knowledge and skills and ongoing commitment to personal and professional development to support their success. I want to provide a service that is individualised in all aspects with a strong focus centred upon continued education and the development of autonomy to complement long term sustainability of change. I want my coaching to be a source of inspiration to both my clients and those around me to create an environment conducive to positive progression and achievement at all levels


  • Bachelor of Science (Nutrition)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics
  • Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian
  • Certificate III Fitness
  • Certificate IV Fitness


  • 2015 IFBB WA Figure Competitor
  • 2016 U52kg GPC Australia National Bronze Medallist
  • 2018 U53kg Powerlifting Australia National Champion
  • 2019 U53kg Powerlifting Australia National Silver Medallist

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