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Zoya Huschtscha

Zoya Huschtscha

A note from Zoya

Zoya is an Advanced Sports Dietitian, researcher, and strongwoman competitor. Dr. Zoya completed her PhD in the area of ageing and sarcopenia with a focus on masters athletes. In particular, her PhD investigated the impact of wholefoods and resistance training in mitigating age-related muscle and strength loss. Zoya has developed content and lectured for Monash University and several private organizations in the areas of sports nutrition (with a focus on strength sports), women’s health, and ageing. Currently, she is a post-doctoral researcher at Deakin University exploring the effects of analgesics on muscle hypertrophy. 

Zoya also works as a nutrition coach for Fortitude Nutrition Coaching and within her own private practice. She uses a client-centred approach to individually tailor her nutrition advice to meet her clients’ needs. She specialises in weight-category sports, female strength athletes, and masters athletes.  

Zoya lives and breathes strength sports and, alongside her research and nutrition clients, also practices what she preaches. Zoya competes and trains in Strongwoman, having won Victoria’s strongest woman in 2019 and competed in the Arnold’s Classic Strongwoman (2017, 2018, qualified 2020).