Workshops & Seminars

We run a variety of workshops and seminars each year covering all things nutrition and training. Some of them have been recorded and can be found below, others are upcoming and available for purchase.

We love educating and have designed workshops that are suitable to a variety of individuals, from those just getting started to experienced Coaches.

If you’re sick of hearing from us, that’s fine and we understand. Fortunately, we host other clever folks and industry professionals, so keep your eye out for details.

For information regarding CEC’s and PDP’s please see individual workshop product pages or contact us here.


At JPS Health and Fitness, we are dedicated to providing education and upskilling to our community at large.

We launched our Free Monthly Workshops in 2019 as a means to upskill our members, clients, friends and family, along with the wider community.

Join us each month as we discuss hot topics and debunk myths of the fitness and health industry, providing you with the latest in evidence based information.

We invite anyone and everyone to come along, whether you are a coach, fitness enthusiast, regular gym goer or simply interested in the latest topic being discussed.

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Please be sure to access and read our Terms & Conditions, which is available for download at the bottom of this page, or can be emailed to you by submitting an enquiry.

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